IP Week @ SG 2018: MyRepublic on IP and the cloud


IP Week @ SG 2018: MyRepublic on IP and the cloud

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Malcolm Rodrigues, CEO of Singapore-based telecoms company MyRepublic, talks to WIPR about IP protection and cloud technology amid IP Week @ SG 2018, which ends on September 5.

How does MyRepublic’s proprietary cloud platform work, and what has enabled the business to grow so fast?

MyRepublic was a startup built to leverage the potential of Singapore’s Next Generation Nationwide Broadband Network, which has been designed to provide ultra high-speed broadband access.

MyRepublic launched with just 30 employees and $5 million of capital investment. The company is able to achieve its lean operator model through its proprietary cloud platform.

The cloud platform was designed from the ground up in MyRepublic, and efficiently automates a large number of operational tasks that traditional telecoms companies may require infrastructure and/or investment to achieve.

The technology behind its platform allows MyRepublic to deploy a single operational platform across multiple countries and to become EBITDA (net income with interest, taxes, depreciation and amortisation added back)-positive within two years of entering each new market.

What type of IP does MyRepublic have, and what value does it add to the company?

MyRepublic’s cloud platform and operational methodologies are its core IP assets.

By deploying a single platform across multiple countries, MyRepublic is able to create operational “templates” for its products, marketing and brand efforts, allowing it to operate like a franchise.

New products and services are often launched first in Singapore, then localised for other markets. This methodology enables MyRepublic to launch new products in just three months.

This entirely changes the way MyRepublic goes to market, compared to more traditional telecoms companies. MyRepublic is able to expand rapidly and launch products quickly with lower overheads. The company is able to identify new business opportunities more quickly, without the burden of legacy infrastructure.

MyRepublic is currently looking to patent its cloud platform technology.

“MyRepublic is able to expand rapidly and launch products quickly with lower overheads.”

Are there any challenges you face that are specific to protecting and enforcing IP related to the cloud and other intangible assets? How are you managing this?

MyRepublic initially lacked professionals to properly take stock and manage the intangible assets and initial investment cost for IP protection.

The company has since created a working committee to look into further investments to develop and protect its IP, as it recognises that its IP plays a crucial role in the future of the company.

Can you discuss the hurdles of enforcing your IP rights across different jurisdictions? 

The company foresees that different countries will take different periods of time to grant protection for our technology.



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