Conference preview: IP World 2018


Conference preview: IP World 2018

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Legal IQ is hosting the IP World conference from October 8 to 10 in Amsterdam, where attendees will discuss the changing global IP landscape, as WIPR finds out.

There has never been a more exciting time to be working as innovators and IP specialists. With a changing landscape in the US, ongoing developments within China and new strategy models to take advantage of, now is the time to meet your peers throughout the global IP community.

Legal IQ conducted a survey of 100 IP professionals from various global regions, in order to build up a picture of the global IP landscape and the various patent-related challenges faced in different regions. 

The survey showed that there has been a key change in views of IP management over the past decade, with some of the responses focusing on advances in patent management databases, aligning business strategy with IP strategy, and the uncertainty around being able to rely on IP assets.

“IP World Summit provides the opportunity to learn from global leaders.”

Furthermore, despite nearly 50% of respondents originating from Europe, 64% stated that North America is the leader in IP monetisation. When discussing IP solutions, software or otherwise, the majority of respondents believe that the following should be prioritised over the next few years: portfolio analytics tools to support IP prosecution decisions; software to support infringement detection; increased focus on portfolio management and monitoring; and knowledge retrieval.

In light of these challenges, Legal IQ is hosting the IP World Summit, taking place this year from October 8 to 10 in Amsterdam. The IP World Summit offers a variety of thought-provoking and practical sessions covering a range of approaches to IP protection, strategy and monetisation, including patents, trade secrets, designs, copyright, licensing and trademarks.

Designed exclusively for chief IP officers, heads of patents, heads of IP, IP managers and patent attorneys, IP World Summit provides the opportunity to learn from global leaders about how to balance increasing business interests in your IP portfolio.

View the full agenda here

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