When fame (or notoriety) is the spur in Mexico


Mauricio Jalife and Christian Thomae

Mexico has a comprehensive set of regulations in the intellectual property (IP) field.

They provide protection for patents, industrial designs, industrial drawings, utility models, trademarks (including word marks, device marks, three-dimensional marks and combined marks), trade names and slogan registrations (Industrial Property Law [IPL]); copyright (Federal Copyright Law); and plant varieties (Federal Plant Varieties Law).

However, there are some anomalies in Mexico that do not match international protection and enforcements trends. These anomalies have arisen because the country has approached the matters from a diff erent standpoint, and include notorious trademarks, three-dimensional trademarks and IP enforcement issues, such as customs border measures.

Declaration of notoriety or fame

IMPI, well-known marks, counterfeiting, Mexican Patent and Trademark Law, IPL