UK’s House of Lords is hungry for new AI rules


Marisa Woutersen

UK’s House of Lords is hungry for new AI rules

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Members of the UK’s Second Chamber are clued up on AI’s risks and want the government to move faster and further to address concerns. Marisa Woutersen speaks to the house's AI activists to find out more.

As global leaders, tech CEOs, and policymakers convene for the first Global AI Safety Summit in the UK, members in the House of Lords (HoL) are urging the government to address the rapid advancements and associated risks of AI.

The summit, which runs November 1-2 at Bletchley Park, could potentially feed into new AI regulations that Prime Minister Rishi Sunak will need to pass through the UK’s Second Chamber for scrutiny.

For its part, the HoL is primed to take a close look at how Sunak plans to deal with content creators and has already voiced the need for urgency.

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