Too easy: IP infringement via non-harmonised platforms


Korcan Dericioglu

The growth of the Internet has been accompanied by a multiplication of opportunities for infringement, as Korcan Dericioglu explains.

Social media platforms are the most widely-discussed online area in terms of intellectual property infringement, after Internet domain names. Platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube and others are designed to encourage people to ‘share’. They allow you to share stories about the places you have visited, work you have done, photos you have taken and the ideas you have.

This enables people to express themselves, and to see what others are doing. The aim is to encourage everybody to share and enhance interaction.

The social media sites are easy to use: a user name and an email address are sufficient for creating an account. Additionally, policies are presented and guarantees are provided to gain confidence and encourage use of the system. Confidentiality of personal information is guaranteed, and the content provided by the user is shared with people the user specifies. The user is not even obliged to provide his or her real name.

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