The IP Week: getting there and having fun


After the conference sessions have finished, a lively social programme promises to keep delegates entertained during the cold Brussels evenings.

The IP Week will provide a stimulating and intelligent programme of speakers and panels, but there’s more to it than that. After the first day of the conference, there is an organised visit of the Audi factory in Brussels, by invitation only.

This will provide delegates with an opportunity to visit one of Europe’s leading carmakers and see how the process works on the ground. It should prove useful not just for those who regularly deal with the automotive industry, but also for anyone who sometimes feels divorced from the realities of what happens in their client’s factories. And the first five WIPR readers to register using the code WIPR will be able to take advantage of this opportunity for free.

At the end of day two, a cocktail reception will be themed around the representation of Bavaria in Brussels, which promises to make an interesting evening for those of us who appreciate that region’s offerings. The cocktail reception at the end of the third day looks further afield, including a visit to the europalia.brasil exhibition, an international arts exhibition based in Brussels that looks at the histories and cultures of different countries.

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