Technology transfer and assignment of IP rights: registration of the facts


Michael Lantos

The methods for registering different IP rights at the Hungarian Intellectual Property Office are, in the main, uniform, but owing to a few special properties of the trademark system, there are a few differences.

Assignment of IP rights

The assignment of ownership should be filed at the HIPO by a petition setting forth what is required, and a document that proves the assignment must be attached. There are different ways of making an assignment:

i. Transfer of rights between two legal and/or natural persons. The document need not be the full assignment contract concluded by the parties—a simplified version is sufficient, setting out clearly that the registered owner of the rights assigns the particular single, or listed multiple, IP rights to the assignee. The assignee must sign the document and confirm that he/she accepts the assignment.

IP rights, registration, licensing, HIPO, assignment of ownership, technology transfer