Reaction to Brexit: views from around the world


Reaction to Brexit: views from around the world

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With the UK’s vote to leave the EU provoking many IP stakeholders to ask what the implications are for them, WIPR provides a roundup of the reaction from IP offices, brands and IP organisations.

What the IP offices say

Despite the uncertainty and worry in the wake of Brexit, the British government has a clear and positive message for anyone with a stake in the IP system: “The UK has one of the best IP regimes in the world and our work continues to support and develop that. The referendum result will not change this.” The UK Intellectual Property Office added that it will continue to deliver “high quality rights-granting services, lead the world in IP enforcement, and engage in international IP discussions”.

Unsurprisingly, the official line was followed by Baroness Lucy Neville-Rolfe, the UK’s IP minister, speaking at the summer reception for the Union of European Practitioners in IP in London in June. However, Neville-Rolfe admitted that “it’s clear that there are many questions—not all of which can yet be answered”, before stating that the UK will continue to do business with the EU “as normal” until the UK has officially left the union.

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