NFTs: how will 2023 compare with the story so far?


Sarah Speight

NFTs: how will 2023 compare with the story so far?

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After a dramatic market crash and several high-profile cases, how will non-fungible tokens fare in the coming year? Sarah Speight takes stock.

Ask a lawyer to give you their predictions for the future and they might say: “If I knew what the future holds, I’d be in a different job.”

Well, despite that, we at WIPR like to know what lawyers would at least wager when it comes to future developments in IP law.

One area that we’re keeping our beady eyes on is the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs)—a market IP tech lawyers and digital entrepreneurs have watched eagerly since it ballooned in 2020. That year, its value tripled to $250 million; in 2021 it surpassed $40 billion—but by 2022, things for the ‘crypto-collectibles’ were looking shaky.

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