New horizons: how Hong Kong is stimulating innovation


In the past decade, Hong Kong has been making a concerted effort to establish itself as an innovative economy. WIPR talks to Allen Yeung, VP of business development and technology support at Hong Kong STPC.

What is the Science and Technology Parks Corporation?

We were established in 2001, so last year was a great opportunity to review our progress over the last 10 years. The Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation (STPC) is a statutory body. The idea behind setting up the corporation was to create a new economic pillar in Hong Kong which didn’t rely entirely on finance and trade. We were set up to develop Hong Kong into a technology and innovation hub in Asia—that’s our mission.

We were given a science park to manage. In the last 10 years we have developed phases one and two. We have about 2 million square feet of office space right here at the science park.

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