New gTLDs: is ICANN watching brand owners' backs?


Susan Prosser

New gTLDs: is ICANN watching brand owners' backs?

With the first gTLDs expected to launch in the first half of this year, Susan Prosser takes a look at the IP protections afforded by the new system.

Does ICANN fairly represent all interests, from intellectual property to Internet users?

ICANN is incredibly faithful to its multistakeholder model for issue prioritisation and resolution. The organisation is structured to be very inclusive of both public and private sector interests globally.

While somewhat structurally burdensome and time-consuming, the grassroots model of advisory committees and supporting organisations allows every interested party to have a voice in the decision-making process at ICANN. It is an impossible task to appear fair to all constituencies, in their eyes, but I believe ICANN does its level best to promote the global interests of Internet users in line with its stated mission.

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