Making the most of the digital domain


Haydn Simpson

Making the most of the digital domain

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The COVID-19 pandemic threw a spotlight on the best practices for building a successful online presence. WIPR spoke with Haydn Simpson of BrandShelter, a CentralNIC company, to find out more.

COVID-19 has accelerated the need for businesses to offer goods and services, and to make revenues, through digital channels. Now more than ever, businesses need to secure digital IP to prove their reputability.

Acquiring domain names is a crucial step for any business to take in order for its digital presence to be viewed as reputable and secure. Failing to do so could result in businesses losing customers to third parties that appear more trustworthy.

WIPR spoke with Haydn Simpson, Head of Brand Services at CentralNIC, to understand this transformation, what it means for businesses and how best to manage and protect online assets.

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