Tech transfer: Making money out of the cutting edge


Tech transfer: Making money out of the cutting edge

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Technology transfer plays a vital role in getting the latest university-developed inventions to market, but is the system as efficient as it could be? WIPR looks into different perspectives on the evolution of technology transfer in the UK and US and its future.

In 2016, academic institutions in the US spent approximately $67 billion on research, creating 25,825 inventions and filing 16,487 US patents. These numbers are on the lower end of the scale—the statistics are taken from a self-reporting survey, so not all academic institutions responded.

The annual survey was published by the Association of University Technology Managers (AUTM), a non-profit organisation that supports the academic technology transfer profession.

The more research funding you have, the more invention disclosures you have, explains Stephen Susalka, CEO of AUTM.

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