Laying the foundations of trademark reform


Annick Mottet Haugaard and Fabio Angelini

Last year, the foundations for reform of the European trademark system were put in place. Annick Mottet Haugaard and Fabio Angelini explain how the European Community Trade Mark Association contributed further to the exercise.

The European Communities Trade Mark Association (ECTA) had a very busy 2010. The association brings together professionals from all the member states of the European Union in the fields of trademarks, designs and related IP rights.

In 2010, one of ECTA’s key aims was to further collaborate to set up the Cooperation Fund and identify the specific projects where it could add expertise to improve the European trademark system.

Therefore, ECTA made some concrete proposals in field 3 relating to information services and field 4 relating to enforcement activities.

ECTA, trademark reform, OHIM