In the spotlight: BrandShield


In the spotlight: BrandShield

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In the age of new gTLDs we’re hearing increasingly vociferous warnings that brands need protecting. Many of these warnings focus on domain name registrations but, as BrandShield explains, there are many factors to consider. WIPR spoke to Yoav Keren, co-founder and chief executive, about how right holders can obtain the security they need.

How does BrandShield differ from other brand protection companies?

Other companies are mainly service-based businesses. With this approach, individuals view potential brand-attacking sites and use first-impression glances to determine whether they are infringing. This is expensive, requires a great deal of manpower and resources, and only solves the clearly and blatantly infringing sites.

BrandShield is a technology company that has developed software to revolutionise online brand protection. It is a shift away from being mainly services-based to a software-based solution that has the breadth to find all types of infringers, including trademark, cybersquatters and counterfeiters and uses advanced algorithms to determine which are the most relevant and damaging. 

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