Encouraging patent filings


Anne Mariae Celeste V. Jumadla

As of 2009, the Philippines has been lagging behind its Southeast Asian neighbours in resident patent filings.

Of roughly 1,000 patent filings per year in the Philippines, 90 percent are filed by foreign entities and less than 5 percent are filed by Philippine research institutions.

The scenario is different when it comes to publications. According to the US-based International Intellectual Property Institute (IPPI), over the past 10 years, roughly 1,000 publications have been generated by nine institutions in the Philippines: the University of the Philippines; UP Diliman; UP Los Banos; UP Manila; Ateneo de Manila University; University of Santo Tomas; De La Salle University; the International Rice Research Institute; PhilRice; and the Institute of Tropical Medicine. From 2000 to 2010, annual research publications increased by 250 percent, but patent filings by Philippine institutions did not change substantially.

In IPPI’s assessment, 27 percent of these publications contained potentially patentable subject matter.

patent filing, technology