21st century IP management — docketing 2020


Domenic Leo and Suzie Kiefer

Intellectual property portfolio management has undergone tremendous change over the last few decades. Domenic Leo and Suzie Kiefer chart the key developments.

The identification of IP as a primary vector in corporate valuations has created a perfect medium for dissection, analysis and enhancement. While the management of IP has evolved, certain facets of the business of IP have not.

Implementation of best practice standards for intellectual property management requires both the desire to examine incremental improvements and recognition of the constant changes that have an impact on work. In practice, the best opportunity for incorporating new challenges presented by dwindling corporate budgets and the restructuring of patent and trademark offices can be found in database programs and supporting processes designed to anticipate and adapt to change.

These databases, which demand accurate IP information fundamental to a corporation’s growth and sustainability, need to be nurtured using the most efficient means possible.