Smita Rajmohan

Key details

  • Job title:Senior product counsel
  • Firm:Autodesk
  • Jurisdiction:US

Smita Rajmohan started her legal career in the IP and technology transactions practice at Kirkland & Ellis where she worked on several mergers and acquisitions advising on IP prosecution assignment and licensing issues. She then moved to Cooley where she further expanded her skill set in IP while advising startups and emerging market companies. With a desire to make machine learning and AI the focus of her practice, Rajmohan moved to Autodesk as senior counsel where she heads the AI/ML practice group and solves challenging issues in AI governance, including complex questions around the use of copyrighted content to train AI models, the copyrightability of AI output and the dangers of exposure of trade secrets by use of generative AI. Given her expertise in IP and AI, she was appointed to the Technology Committee at  the California Initiative on Technology and Democracy, a think-tank focused on fighting the harms of AI-generated misinformation and its impact on elections and democracy. She serves on the governance committee for generative AI, which analyses its strategic benefits in line with the legal risks, and advises on how to leverage generative AI responsibly at the company. Rajmohan has served as board director of the South Asian Bar Association where she helps many young professionals step into an IP career.

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