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Emma Fulton

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Emma Fulton
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As counsel at Hogan Lovells, Emma Fulton focuses her practice on the life sciences and electronics. Fulton has extensive litigation experience at all levels of the UK courts, as well as experience in the European Patent Office and the Court of Justice of the European Union. Her clients include Eli Lilly, MSD and BMS and she was a vital part of the team secured a win for Eli Lilly in the landmark 2017 UK Supreme Court case relating to its blockbuster oncology product. For the past four years, Fulton has been co-ordinating the European litigation on the product, which is now taking place in 15 countries. Fulton is an active member of the ChIPS network and is currently part of the action group working on updating the Patents Court guide and draft model Orders to encourage more opportunities for junior IP barristers and solicitor-advocates to conduct advocacy in court. As well as her IP practice, Fulton is committed to Hogan Lovells' pro bono efforts and has prepared and supervised a number of claims to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.