WIPO announces Madrid system changes


WIPO announces Madrid system changes

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The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) has announced new measures aimed at improving the Madrid System for the registration of trademarks.

WIPO claims the new improvements, which went live on August 1, will “better service the needs of users.”

The Madrid system enables trademark owners to file one application to protect their trademark across 91 member states.

Under the changes, participating countries will be able to request copies of certificates of international registrations dating back to 2006 along with any renewal certificates.

If a participating country wants to obtain an extract from the International Register it can now ask that they receive it within a faster time period of five working days. Users can also ask that extracts of the International Register are legalised for use in countries which are not members of the Madrid agreement.

Charges for the services will range from 50 to 100 Swiss francs, payable to WIPO’s International Bureau.

Requests should be sent to the Client Records Unit of the Madrid Operations Service by sending a detailed communication, indicating the service requested and the international registration number to madrid.records@wipo.int.

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