Setting sail and sipping martinis: reception roundup from Tuesday night at INTA


Setting sail and sipping martinis: reception roundup from Tuesday night at INTA

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WIPR headed to The Bahamas on Tuesday evening, the penultimate night at the International Trademark Association’s annual conference in Orlando. Read on to find out which receptions we attended on what was our fourth night of attending post-conference parties. 

CCPIT: Kicking off the penultimate evening  

To kick off the evening the WIPR team headed to the Rosen Centre Hotel, close to the Orange County Convention Center, for a few relaxed drinks and to witness some Chinese dancing. The event was hosted by CCPIT Patent & Trademark Law Office and was a great way to kick off what was our fourth night in Orlando.


Awapatent: Setting sail for The Bahamas

The Bahamas was our next destination, not the island but the next best thing in Tommy Bahamas, a bar and restaurant in International Drive. The evening was hosted by IP consultancy firm Awapatent, which welcomed guests from around the world as the sun went down on another day at INTA.


Meunier Carlin & Curfman: Shaken not stirred  

For our final reception of the night we made the short trip to Blue Martini, a stone’s throw from Tommy Bahamas. IP law firm Meunier Carlin & Curfman had hired an exclusive area in the bar, giving ample opportunity for drinks and networking. A great way to round off the night.


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