WIPR Diversity 2022

This issue takes a closer look at the key issues affecting diversity and inclusion (D&I) in IP, as well as unveiling our WIPR 2022 Diversity Champions, Influential Women in IP, and Trailblazers.

We are delighted this year to be partnering with IP Inclusive on this issue, and its CEO Andrea Brewster offers an insightful commentary on the progress that the organisation has seen over the past seven years.

While D&I is increasingly recognised as a force for good (and good business), there is no room for complacency. Read how WIPR's latest D&I survey exposes prevalent concerns over LGBTQ+ rights, mental health, social mobility and the trade-off between career aspirations and familial responsibilities. And discover more about how the director of the US Patent and Trademark Office, Kathi Vidal, and the director of the World Intellectual Property Organization, Daren Tang, are striving to make IP more inclusive.

The issue also covers:

  • Authenticity
  • Neurodiversity in IP
  • Religious tolerance
  • Ageism in a multi-generational workforce
  • A Google counsel's personal perspective
  • Women IP attorneys in Ukraine
  • Unconscious bias and much more...

There are many inspiring voices, but as our survey and commentators make clear: the good fight is far from over, and they need to be heard more loudly and clearly than ever. No other online publication offers such a wealth of insight on D&I within the IP sector.

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