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Gabon blocks access to new Megaupload site


Gabon has thwarted Kim Dotcom’s plans to launch a successor site to file-sharing service Megaupload under, after its government suspended the web address.

Brussels think-tank calls for EU copyright reform


Copyright laws in Europe are not working and should be “re-balanced and de-cluttered”, according to the Brussels-based Lisbon Council.

Nominet targets businesses for .uk expansion


British registry Nominet wants to hand shorter .uk web addresses to businesses for the first time in its history.

Apple vs Samsung: judge removes Galaxy sales ban


Samsung can begin selling its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in the US again after a judge removed a ban on the tablet following the company’s high-profile patent trial with Apple.

Filipino cybersquatters face hefty prison terms


Brand owners in the Philippines are expected to pursue a new law that can punish cybersquatters with 20-year prison terms.

Study shows Apple’s aggressive approach to patents


Apple is increasingly suing its rivals over its mobile phone patents, according to an industry report.

Facebook faces patent infringement claims over 'timeline'


A Chinese technology company is planning to sue Facebook after claiming it stole the idea for the 'timeline', a mandatory feature for all users' accounts.

US brand targets online retailer over 'shabby chic' name


A US company has ordered a UK-based online retailer to remove the name ‘shabby chic’ from its website, which sells vintage goods including linen and picture frames.

Court backs Apple in Samsung patent trial


Samsung has been ordered to pay Apple $1.05 billion in damages after a jury found the company guilty of infringing several of Apple's software and design patents.

Ukraine shuts down notorious file-sharing site Demonoid


Ukrainian government officials have shut down one of the world’s largest file-sharing websites, Demonoid, following a request from law enforcement agency Interpol.

Showing 7991 to 8000 of 8326 results