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EU passes Copyright Directive by 348 votes to 274


The EU Parliament has approved the Copyright Directive amid widespread controversy over its impact on rights holders and internet users.

EU fines Nike $14m; SCOTUS rejects ‘Jumpman’ case

EU, US26-03-2019

The European Commission has fined Nike €12.5 million after an antitrust investigation found that it banned traders from selling licensed merchandise to countries within the European Economic Area.

USITC sides with Sony against Fujifilm in patent dispute


The US International Trade Commission has issued an order preventing Fujifilm from importing certain magnetic tape cartridges following a section 337 patent infringement complaint brought by Sony.

EU General Court throws out umbrella TM appeal

EU, France, UK26-03-2019

A French retailer has lost an appeal before the EU General Court, which ruled that its applied-for mark would cause confusion with an earlier trademark.

IP experts urge EU to bin ‘misguided’ copyright plans


European academics specialising in IP have asked the EU to drop Article 11 (now Article 15 in the latest version) and 13 (now Article 17) of the proposed Copyright Directive.

China to reduce patent review period by 15%


A senior Chinese official has said that the country is to “cut the time needed for patent review” by at least 15%, it has been reported.

Florida airports in trademark row over ‘misleading name’


US airport management organisation Greater Orlando Aviation Authority has accused Melbourne Airport Authority of trademark infringement and false advertising.

Luggage maker sues over ‘similar’ version sold at Macy’s


US-based luggage designer Away is suing a competitor for allegedly stealing its trade secrets under the guise of a “potential business opportunity” to produce a product line for the department store Macy’s.

Jaguar Land Rover wins Chinese copycat case


British carmaker Jaguar Land Rover has won a landmark case against a Chinese company selling a copycat version of the Range Rover Evoque model.

Online platforms protest copyright directive ahead of final vote


Websites including Wikipedia, Reddit, Twitch and PornHub yesterday highlighted their concerns over the recently agreed European Copyright Directive.

Showing 1 to 10 of 8001 results