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Malaysia jurisdiction report: No small beer in Bintang case

Malaysia23-05-2019Lim Eng Leong

In Heineken Asia Pacific v Super La Via 2019 MLJU 117, the plaintiff is part of the Heineken Group which produces, packages, distributes, markets and sells more than 50 acclaimed beers, non-alcoholic beers and a range of other beverage brands, including Tiger and Anchor. The plaintiff is also the registered proprietor in Malaysia of various ‘Bintang’ trademarks in class 32 for beers.

Netherlands jurisdiction report: A growing problem of trade secrets

Netherlands22-05-2019Michiel Rijsdijk and Marlies Wiegerinck

On March 20, 2019 the court of The Hague handed down its noteworthy decision on the trade secrets of Future Crops, a Dutch cooperative enterprise, on its method for the vertical cultivation of herbs. The case concerned the infringement of trade secrets by Certhon Build, a Dutch limited liability company, relating to Future Crops’ developed system to vertically cultivate herbs.

Russia jurisdiction report: A turning point for Russian legal services?

Russia22-05-2019Annikki Hämäläinen and Riikka Palmos

There have been discussions and different projects pending about regulating the legal services in Russia for a long time. None of those projects has led to major changes, until now. It seems that now there is a real will for actual changes in the Russian legal services system. A new reform project is pending.

Sweden jurisdiction report: The innovation quartet changing the world

Sweden21-05-2019Maria Zamkova

The Öresund bridge that opened in 1999 between Denmark and Sweden, further connecting southern Scandinavia with central and Western Europe, is not just a practical example of constructive cooperation between Denmark and Sweden. It can also be seen as a symbol of inventive collaboration in the region.

Taiwan jurisdiction report: Amendments to Taiwan patent law

Taiwan21-05-2019Tony Tung-Yang Chang

The Draft Amendment to Taiwan’s Patent Law was passed by Taiwan’s Legislature on April 16, 2019. The Amended Patent Law will take effect from November 1, 2019.

Turkey jurisdiction report: Mediation in opposition cases

Turkey21-05-2019Özlem Fütman and İnci Asena Suvar

Mediation was first practised in Turkey following publication of the Code on Mediation in Civil Disputes no. 6325 on June 22, 2012. Since January 10, 2017 when the IP Code No. 6769 entered into force, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office (TurkPatent) has been authorised to invite parties to mediation in opposition cases.

US jurisdiction report: The valuable Patent Cooperation Treaty

21-05-2019Paul J. Sutton

A newly formed company, Startup Co, is the owner of what the firm believes to be a wonderful invention that may disrupt a decades-old industry.

France jurisdiction report: What happens after a ‘no-deal’ Brexit

France05-04-2019Aurélia Marie

We all know that departure of the UK from the EU is scheduled to take place now on April 12 2019, in the absence of any agreement or decision to the contrary.

Germany jurisdiction report: Uber app violates German passenger laws

Germany05-04-2019Jens Künzel

In many areas in the US, such as California, Uber has almost replaced normal cab or taxi services. In Germany, the legal landscape for Uber is more complicated.

India jurisdiction report: Liability of e-commerce service providers

India04-04-2019NV Saisunder and Shyamolima Sengupta

The Indian B2C e-commerce market is growing exponentially and rapid digitisation is fuelling its further growth. Most e-commerce platforms in India are marketplaces and they have to deal with the menace of counterfeit or infringing products. This article examines the scope of liability of e-commerce service providers in case of sale of counterfeit goods through their platforms.

Showing 91 to 100 of 1125 results