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PPH and ASPEC programmes in Singapore

Singapore01-06-2011Ameen Kalani

Co-operative patent prosecution highway programmes are intended to help hasten patent prosecution before these patent offices through the exchange of information and substantive patent examination.

Exchange control ruling on assignment of IP rights

South Africa01-06-2011Marius Le Roux and Dikeledi Mokwena

A South African High Court decision in 2004, Couve and another v Reddot International (Pty) Limited and others, introduced exchange control requirements for the assignment of IP rights to foreign entities.

Relaxed guidelines for amendments after grant

Taiwan01-06-2011Candy Chen and Crystal Chen

Patent amendments after grant were relaxed on May 1. TIPO held several public hearings in the last two months discussing revisions to the current examination guidelines for amendments after grant.

Simplified destruction proceedings in Turkey

Turkey01-06-2011Isik Ozdogan and Ezgi Baklaci

The New Customs Regulation, which came into effect in October 2009, provides a new mechanism for intellectual property right holders, known as ‘simplified destruction’.

National courts: speaking with one voice?

UK01-06-2011Leigh Ellis

The Community trademark (CTM) system is premised on the unitary character trademark protection established by Council Regulation 40/94/EC.

Patents in Ukraine

Ukraine01-06-2011Oleksandr Mamunya

Swiftly developing technology has always been an integral part of a growing economy. As one of the main engines of progress, innovation deserves to be legally protected.

The NDA: a valuable IP tool

US01-06-2011Paul J. Sutton

One of the most commonly used contracts covering intellectual property is the nondisclosure agreement.

Developments in keyword advertising

US01-06-2011Robert Kenney and Katie Peden

US courts have not yet found the sale of trademarks as search engine keywords by Google and related Internet search engines to infringe on those marks.

Changes at Anvisa

Brazil01-04-2011Otto Licks and Ricardo Dutra Nunes

The Brazilian national health surveillance agency (Anvisa) is the equivalent of the US FDA and the EU’s EMEA. It was established in 1999.

Significant trademark case law in 2010

Canada01-04-2011Victoria Carrington

Canadian trademark jurisprudence saw numerous interesting developments during 2010. Our courts and Opposition Board adopted new approaches to certain ‘old’ concepts and reinforced others.

Showing 851 to 860 of 1021 results