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Business brief 2016: South Africa

South Africa20-05-2016Danie Pienaar and Eben van Wyk

Business brief 2016: Malaysia

Malaysia20-05-2016Karen Abraham and Jyeshta Mahendran

Business brief 2016: Japan

Japan20-05-2016Ryo Maruyama

Business brief 2016: Brazil

Brazil20-05-2016André Venturini and Isabella Cardozo

Narcissistic CEOs: Handle patents with care

US20-05-2016Paul J Sutton

While it may be natural to react with outrage when a company discovers that an arch competitor has knowingly introduced a product that infringes its patent, that outrage, if not checked and dealt with carefully, can lead to disastrous results. It is under this type of scenario that the leadership of a company will be tested.

Advertising saves the day in non-use case

Turkey20-05-2016Işık Özdoğan and Ezgi Baklacı

In a 2016 Turkish case, the Assembly of Civil Chambers clarified the approach to interpreting evidence submitted to prove use of service marks in non-use actions. The decision clarifies how to prove use of service marks in Turkey for trademark owners.

The role of the IP Court in patent invalidation

Taiwan20-05-2016Crystal Chen and Jesse Peng

If the Taiwan Intellectual Property Office (TIPO) and the Appeal Board of the Ministry of Economic Affairs both reject and dismiss a third-party action for patent invalidation, the petitioner may bring the case to the Intellectual Property Court (IPC) and submit new supporting evidence.

Sweden: FRAND is our friend

Sweden20-05-2016Maria Zamkova

A fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) licensing agreement (also sometimes known as RAND) is “a licensing obligation that is often required by standards organisations for members that participate in the standard-setting process”, according to Wikipedia.

IP reputation: Turning a corner

Russia20-05-2016Riikka Palmos

In the past Russia has had a bad reputation for enforcing intellectual property rights. The competence and expertise of courts in IP matters has been especially questionable. Even after several changes in legislation and practices, many IP owners still have doubts about the existence of effective mechanisms for protecting and, especially, enforcing IP rights in Russia.

Showing 171 to 180 of 1021 results