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Italy: protecting unregistered signs in opposition proceedings

Italy20-05-2016Mauro Bronzini

The administrative opposition procedure for national trademark applications (introduced in 2011) provides two grounds for opposition.

Germany: Facebook in lonely place after advertising ruling

Germany20-05-2016Jens Künzel

Germany’s Unfair Competition Act forbids advertising that unlawfully disturbs or harasses the consumer. As a rule, advertising constitutes unlawful harassment if, inter alia, it is sent by email without the express consent of the recipient.

France: How to calculate damages for infringement

France20-05-2016Aurélia Marie

European Directive 2004/48/EC (the enforcement of intellectual property rights directive) allows an injured IP owner seeking compensation to choose between different methods for evaluating the loss/injury suffered because of the infringement and compensating for it.

China: Better services for trademark owners

China20-05-2016Xiang Gao

For 13 consecutive years, China has handled the most trademark applications and registrations. According to statistics, by September 2015 the cumulative number of trademark applications in China amounted to 17.6 million and the total number of trademark registrations was 11.8 million.

Assessing abandoned patents at the INPI

Brazil20-05-2016João Marcelo Lima and Otavio Beaklini

Licks Attorneys is committed to investigating the underlying causes and consequences of the Brazilian Patent and Trademark Office’s (INPI) backlog of patent examinations. Our firm filed 11 freedom of information (FOI) requests under the Brazilian Information Transparency Act in order to obtain access to new, undisclosed data that shed light on the backlog problem.

US patents: rotten patent result for Apple

US09-05-2016Paul J Sutton

On February 20, Apple suffered a humiliating defeat in one of its latest patent wars with its component supplier Samsung Electronics.

Turkey: bated breath following IP law consultation

Turkey09-05-2016Isik Ozdogan and Ezgi Baklaci

The Turkish Patent Institute (TPI) opened the Draft Industrial Property Law for public consultation and that period closed on March 4. The draft law contains provisions on trademarks, patents, industrial designs and geographical indications, all of which are currently addressed by separate decree laws.

Taiwan: Pfizer stumped by royalty-free licence

Taiwan09-05-2016Victor Lee and Jesse Peng

Last year, the Taiwan Intellectual Property Court issued a judgment (101-CPL-112) holding that the patentee in an exclusive licensing deal in which no royalties have been paid has no standing to sue for patent infringement.

Netherlands: walking the walk on claims of infringement

Netherlands09-05-2016Michiel Rijsdijk

Actively dealing with infringement is vital when protecting intellectual property. There should be actual rights to enforce, however, and making indiscriminate claims purporting infringement of a patent or other IP right is prohibited.

Japan: making a meal out of copyright

Japan09-05-2016Ryo Maruyama

Article 30 of the Japanese Copyright Law stipulates that the reproduction of copyrighted works for personal use or other equivalent uses within a limited scope is exempt from infringing copyright (reproduction rights).

Showing 131 to 140 of 966 results


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