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Sweden: Are online oral proceedings here to stay?

Sweden13-01-2023Maria Zamkova

The status of virtual oral proceedings in Sweden has been uncertain, but a recent case sheds light on the subject, says Maria Zamkova of Fenix Legal.

Africa: The interplay between TMs and company names

Africa09-09-2022Dakalo Luvhimbi

What is standard across different jurisdictions in Africa is that when companies are registered or incorporated, no cross-check of the trademarks register is conducted, to ensure that their names do not conflict with existing registered or internationally well-known trademarks owned by third parties.

Australia: Regulatory exclusivities for pharmaceuticals

Australia31-08-2022Kate Legge and Emily Dwyer

Pharma companies need to be aware of subtle differences in the exclusivity regime for medicines, explain Kate Legge and Emily Dwyer of Pearce IP.

AC Milan’s trademark defeat: a misfire over meaning

Italy25-08-2022Claudio Balboni

In some rare cases, a trademark’s social message must be considered when assessing if there’s a conflict, argues Claudio Balboni of Bugnion.

Patents vs NDAs: often a difficult choice

29-06-2022Paul J Sutton

Owners of inventions and IP, when seeking to monetise them, often face the difficult choice of whether to rely solely upon patent rights versus non-disclosure agreements.

Sweden: Prior art and unlocking the secrets of the past

Sweden29-06-2022Maria Zamkova

As we all know, initial studies of existing technical solutions are not only useful for securing your own innovations, but also serve to inspire when preparing and writing patent applications.

Hot topics on Mexico’s new examination procedure

Mexico29-06-2022Emilio Albarran

The Federal Law for Protection of the Industrial Property in Mexico—also known as the new IP Law—abrogated the former Industrial Property Law and entered into force on November 5, 2020.

Japan: The end of ‘multi-multi claims’

Japan29-06-2022Ryo Maruyama

Multi-multi claims are no longer allowed and applicants for patent and utility models need to be careful, warns Ryo Maruyama of Kyosei International Patent Office.

Africa joins the NFT hype

Africa28-06-2022Vishen Pillay, Darshan Moodley and Kareema Shaik

Distributed digital ledger technologies such as blockchain have taken the world by storm in recent years and while cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin have enjoyed much attention, other applications of blockchain technologies such as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are gaining popularity.

India: The ‘pits’ and ‘falls’ of numerical ranges

India27-06-2022DPS Parmar

Adding patent claims that include numerical ranges should be approached with caution, warns DPS Parmar of LexOrbis.

Showing 11 to 20 of 1136 results