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Namibia: a glimmer of hope for trademark oppositions and invalidations

Namibia13-10-2023Alicia Kabini

The ‘new’ Namibian Industrial Property Act came into force on August 1 2018. It provides that trademark oppositions are to be heard by the Registrar of Trademarks and the invalidation of trademark registrations is to be heard by the Industrial Property Tribunal.

A hard lesson learnt: Commonwealth v Sanofi

Australia13-10-2023Naomi Pearce and Kate Legge

The Australian government has made numerous claims for damages against patentees for savings forgone when an interlocutory/preliminary injunction delays a generic's launch but the patent is invalidated or there is a finding of non-infringement.

Extending UK trademarks to Anguilla

Anguilla13-10-2023Keesha Fleming Lake

The Anguilla Intellectual Property Office continues to make every effort to improve the IP protection regime in the jurisdiction. Anguilla continues to be a British Overseas Territory and one of those jurisdictions where UK trademark registrations can be extended for registration. In addition, local registrations can be filed under the existing trademark legislation.

Resilience rewarded in appeal

India13-10-2023Manisha Singh and Akanksha Kar

The Delhi High Court recently dealt with appeals filed against a single judge’s finding, dismissing rectification petitions filed by Resilient Innovations.

Japan: Suspension of examination for divisional applications

Japan12-10-2023Ryo Maruyama

There are clear benefits to a divisional patent application based on the results of a preliminary examination or trial, explains Ryo Maruyama of Kyosei International Patent Office.

AI: credit where it’s due

International, Mexico12-10-2023Carla Santa Maria

Artificial intelligence can imitate human intelligence and behaviours as well as mental processes such as learning, analysing and solution-finding.

Fighting against unauthorised trademark use in Russia

Russia, Ukraine12-10-2023Riikka Palmos

While the protection, maintenance, and enforcement of IP are unaffected by sanctions, Russia's invasion of Ukraine has had an impact on exclusive IP rights for foreign owners, says Riikka Palmos of Papula-Nevinpat.

Swedish presidency of the Council of the European Union affecting IP rights

Sweden12-10-2023Vanessa Bélec

The presidency of the Council of the European Union (EU) rotates among the EU member states every six months.

Caribbean: How Anguilla is transforming its IP system

Anguilla, Caribbean14-05-2023Keesha Fleming Lake

Anguilla and the Caribbean jurisdictions are taking deliberate steps to strengthen the IP legislative framework and protection services.

Geographical indications: the history of the Swedish horse and knife

Sweden14-05-2023Petter Rindforth

Since 1992 a special type of protection for wines, spirit drinks and other agricultural products and foodstuffs such as cheese has been available in the European Union. It is called geographical indications.

Showing 1 to 10 of 1148 results


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