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War and trademarks

Russia, Ukraine10-06-2022Diogo Antunes

The impact of Russia’s invasion has led to some surprising effects on trademarks both in and out of Ukraine, say Diogo Antunes and Anna Shcherbyna of Inventa.

Interview: Judge Paul Michel

10-06-2022Sarah Speight

Judge Paul Michel, retired Chief Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, tells Sarah Speight about his determination to become a judge and why imbalances in IP law must be addressed.

Pride Month: ‘l never wanted to hide myself’

International09-06-2022Brian Winterfeldt

As June marks Pride Month, the IP world must support LGBTQ+ lawyers amid a concerning rollback of rights for this community, says Brian Winterfeldt of Winterfeldt IP.

Model, actress, lawyer: Kenya’s Liz Lenjo

Africa, Kenya08-06-2022Sarah Speight

As managing consultant of her own Kenyan boutique firm MYIP Legal Studio, advocate of the High Court of Kenya—and listed as WIPR 2021 Influential Woman in IP lawyer Liz Lenjo is a “force to reckon with” in the realm of media and fashion IP.

Interview: Andrew Masterson, PIPCU

EU, UK08-06-2022Sarah Speight

As we mark World Anti-Counterfeiting Day, Sarah Speight talks to Andrew Masterson of the UK’s Police Intellectual Property Crime Unit to find out how he and his team are tackling the problem.

Litigation in the metaverse: is IP fit for purpose?

International07-06-2022Muireann Bolger

Disputes over the virtual realm will test the boundaries of existing IP laws, finds Muireann Bolger.

AI and anticounterfeiting

International06-06-2022Joanna Goodman

Can artificial intelligence solve the online counterfeiting conundrum? Joanna Goodman investigates.

UPC transparency questions risk undermining court

EU31-05-2022Patrick Oliver

SMEs could suffer if court rulings are not automatically made public, argues Patrick Oliver of patent owners’ coalition IP2Innovate.

Tales of the Protocol

International30-05-2022Tom Phillips

With 128 member countries and counting, the Madrid System is a shining example of IP harmonisation. Tom Phillips spoke to attorneys working in its newest member states about what joining means to them.

Protecting EU trademarks in the metaverse

EU30-05-2022João Pereira Cabral

Can owners of EU trademarks expect the protection to extend into the virtual? Not quite, says João Pereira Cabral of Inventa.

Showing 51 to 60 of 3553 results


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