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Turkey jurisdiction report: Novelty of design applications

Turkey26-11-2018Damla Dyan and Ozlem Futman

One of the most significant changes from the New Turkish IP Code no. 6769 is that novelty is introduced as an ex officio examination criterion at the preliminary examination stage. In other words, since January 2017, the Turkish Patent and Trademark Office has been refusing design applications ex officio based on lack of novelty.

US jurisdiction report: Patent financing to the rescue

US26-11-2018Paul J Sutton

Imagine a scenario where a reputable young enterprise, company X, whose technology has been favourably received, discovers that its patents are being infringed by a large well-financed competitor. The CEO of company X goes to the patent counsel who filed and prosecuted the subject patents.

Mexico jurisdiction report: Partial invalidation of trademarks

Mexico23-11-2018Maria Fernanda de la Cerda

Mexico is experiencing a time of change and evolution in our IP system. The Mexican authorities are discussing new litigation reforms to the IP Law that could place our legal system at the forefront of IP protection.

Netherlands jurisdiction report: Copyright of scale models

Netherlands22-11-2018Michiel Rijsdijk

In September, the court in The Hague ruled on the possibility of having IP rights in model trains. The IP protection offered to products in this niche market has been the subject of several court cases in the Netherlands, whereby the purpose of the scale models seems to play an important role in copyright/trademark infringement matters.

Romania jurisdiction report: The influence of technical expert reports

Romania22-11-2018Raluca Vasilescu

This article addresses the delicate matter of using and abusing technical expert reports in patent cancellation trials, and reviews a case that made strict use of said reports.

Conference preview: Business of IP Asia Forum 2018

Hong Kong16-11-2018

The Business of IP Asia Forum 2018, which takes place on December 6 and 7 in Hong Kong, has the theme of “IP and innovation in the new socio-technological landscape”, as WIPR finds out.

Unwired Planet v Huawei: more clarity for SEPs in UK

UK14-11-2018TelecomsAdrian Howes

In settling a standard-essential patent licence, no other court has gone as far as the English Court of Appeal in its October decision in Unwired Planet v Huawei, says Adrian Howes of Nokia, who examines the case and its potential impact.

The looming .eu changes that threaten online brand protection

EU07-11-2018Flip Petillion and Alexander Heirwegh

The EU institutions are seeking to implement potentially wide-ranging restrictions on publicly-accessibly information in the .eu WHOIS database which threaten to severely restrict the ability to investigate and tackle online trademark infringements. Flip Petillion and Alexander Heirwegh of law firm Petillion report.

Enforcing unregistered rights post-Brexit

UK02-11-2018Jessica Le Gros and Daniel Joy

It may be harder for owners of unregistered trademark rights to enforce their marks in the UK after Brexit, in view of recent case law and the UK’s application of the Paris Convention. Jessica Le Gros and Daniel Joy of Baker McKenzie report.

Dennemeyer: the one-stop-shop for IP filings


Dennemeyer & Associates’ global team of patent experts comprises not only patent attorneys but also product managers, administrators and IP specialists, as the firm explains.

Showing 51 to 60 of 2697 results