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Delhi High Court rules on 'deemed abandonment' of patent application

India01-01-2010Manoj Singh and Shrimant Singh

The Delhi High Court recently overturned a patent office decision that an application should be deemed abandoned, say Manoj Singh and Shrimant Singh.

Business brief 2010: Costa Rica

Costa Rica01-01-2010María del Pilar López

While Costa Rica is moving its intellectual property system forward to fulfil its trading agreement commitments and economic self-interest, not all the changes have achieved the expected results.

The evolving gTLD environment


Proposals to increase the number of available top-level domain names could radically change the online environment, says Andrew Mills of the European Communities Trademarks Association.

Business brief 2010: Cyprus

Cyprus01-01-2010Phivi Tramountanelli

To secure a patent right in Cyprus, you need to validate it with the Cyprus Patent Registrar. This can be done nationally, internationally or on a European basis.

Business brief 2010: Finland

Finland01-01-2010Lauri Rechardt

The exclusive trademark rights cover the right to use a mark in business and also, when necessary, the right to prohibit others from using in business marks that may cause confusion.

Keyword advertising: predictability remains elusive


Internet advertising has become a multibillion dollar industry and an essential component of advertising and marketing programmes. But there are still areas of confusion, say Anna Maria Lagerqvist and Niels Lagerkvist Lehmann.

Business brief 2010: India

India01-01-2010Mohan Dewan and Vinay Dwarkadas

Patent rights are secured by filing patent applications at the patent office. India is unique in the world in that there are four functionally independent patent offices in four major cities.

Managing domain names: a view from ITMA


Many companies have been slow to identify and react to the challenges of domain name management, says Maggie Ramage of the Institute of Trademark Attorneys, but simple steps can be taken to avoid the most serious threats to trademarks.

Business brief 2010: Israel

Israel01-01-2010Michael Factor and Aharon Factor

Israel uses the Nice Version of the International Classification. From September 1, 2010, after implementation of the Madrid Protocol, multi-class applications will be permitted.

Business brief 2010: Netherlands

Netherlands01-01-2010Michiel Rijsdijk

One can choose to acquire a patent in the Benelux (Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg) via a national patent application or a European patent (EP) application, in which the three Benelux countries will be designated.

Showing 3521 to 3530 of 3556 results