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Five years at the IPO: farewell to Tim Moss CBE

UK22-08-2022Staff Writer

Outgoing CEO reflects on Brexit, COVID-19, and digitisation | IPO bureaucracy was forcing customers to do “horrible things” before modernisation.

How ‘Del Boy’ became a literary copyright work

UK28-07-2022Carl Steele & Christopher Fotheringham

Parody, pastiche, and passing off all starred in this 'UK first', say Carl Steele and Christopher Fotheringham of Ashfords.

Monkey business: Seth Green’s bored ape NFT and a barrel of IP issues


The alleged theft of actor Seth Green’s “bored ape” non-fungible token has highlighted some unsettled IP issues, says Mauricio Uribe of Knobbe Martens.

‘Top Gun’ author’s estate targets Paramount

International17-06-2022Sarah Speight

The winners of a legal dogfight over “Top Gun: Maverick” will be decided by the finer details of US copyright law, finds Sarah Speight.

Power to the press publishers?

EU, UK14-06-2022Mark Nichols and Autumn Gibson

Google has responded to pressure over Article 15, but is it in the spirit of the Copyright Directive, ask Mark Nichols and Autumn Gibson of Potter Clarkson.

Litigation in the metaverse: is IP fit for purpose?

International07-06-2022Muireann Bolger

Disputes over the virtual realm will test the boundaries of existing IP laws, finds Muireann Bolger.

The biggest challenge of loneliness is admitting it

International13-05-2022Charlène Gisèle

Of all the mental health concerns IP lawyers face, loneliness is the least spoken about. This needs to change, says Charlène Gisèle, a former corporate lawyer turned high-performance coach.

How important is IP to the balance sheet? A CFO’s perspective

China, Singapore09-05-2022

Frank Luo, chief financial officer at Lazada Group, sat down with WIPR to discuss how the e-commerce platform manages its intangible assets.

Protection on information network dissemination right in China

China27-04-2022Yang Shi

Changes to China’s Copyright Law have created stronger copyright protection in the digital environment but issues remain, explains Yang Shi of CCPIT Patent and Trademark Law Office - China.

Five ways IP can help young professionals

International26-04-2022Mark Simpson

Knowing the part intellectual property plays in driving creativity will put you one step ahead of the competition, says Mark Simpson of Saul Ewing Arnstein & Lehr.

Showing 41 to 50 of 567 results


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