Visit the Pro Bono Clearinghouse at the INTA Information Booth!


INTA is proud to announce that it recently launched a pilot program to establish a global Pro Bono Clearinghouse.

The purpose of the clearinghouse is to bolster the protection of trademarks by matching eligible individuals and nonprofit organizations needing trademark legal assistance with trademark attorneys prepared and able to assist. The Pro Bono Committee is actively recruiting potential clients to participate in the program. To learn more about the program while in Barcelona, please visit the Pro Bono Clearinghouse at the Information Booth in the Hall 8 lobby. A member of the committee will be at the booth today from 9.00am to 5.00pm—and each day of the conference—to answer all of your questions. The committee members can also provide more information on the many benefits this clearinghouse will bring, not only to the trademark community as a whole, but to INTA members, including: 

  • Business development opportunities; 
  • Talent recruitment and retention opportunities; 
  • Training and professional development opportunities; and
  • Network building.  

If you cannot visit us at the INTA information booth in the Hall 8 Lobby, but want to learn more or are aware of any individual or nonprofit organization that may be in need of free legal services, please refer them to the Pro Bono Committee website at

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