Advertorial: Mercado Libre cuts infringing listings by 60%


Advertorial: Mercado Libre cuts infringing listings by 60%

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In its new transparency report, Mercado Libre reveals its progress towards an increasingly trustworthy platform for its users, with higher quality listings and closer supervision of IP rights.

On November 30, 2022, Mercado Libre published a new transparency report including data from the first half of 2022, with technology as the main instrument to build an increasingly secure and reliable experience in its e-commerce and fintech platform.

Published every six months, the report documents the results based on four main lines of action: requests of information by competent authorities of the various countries where it operates, response rate to listings that infringe their terms and conditions, protection of personal data and protection of intellectual property rights.

With this new report, we are strengthening the relationship with our users by showing the result of our efforts to maintain an increasingly reliable ecosystem. The results of this semester show an important improvement in the quality of our users’ listings, and the supervision of intellectual property rights by the members of our brand protection programme (BPP) continues to be the main highlight. We also see that the exercise of rights by our users under privacy laws continues to increase. Our commitment is to “keep providing more solutions for our users in a secure and reliable manner”, stated Federico Deyá, head of the Legal Central Department at Mercado Libre.

Transparency report highlights: January–June 2022

  • In the reported period, Mercado Libre received over 19,000 requests for user or transaction information from authorities. More than 95% of these were answered with the requested information, while the remaining 5% were requests for information that Mercado Libre did not have.
  • In less than a second, over 5,000 variables are analysed in order to detect and pause or eliminate listings in real time if they infringe their terms and conditions. Out of more than 508 million active listings during the semester, only 0.46% were removed due to infringements of the Terms and Conditions. Compared to the previous report, the number of posts removed due to infringements has decreased by 63% due to improvements made in various processes and tools, as well as the result of the work undertaken by Mercado Libre and sellers who, year after year, are learning to improve the quality of their posts. Thus, 98.43% of the content removed was detected by Mercado Libre’s own teams and systems.
  • The BPP is an exclusive channel to report intellectual property infringements and has automated tools based on artificial intelligence and machine learning that learn from the notices submitted by IP owners enrolled in the programme in order to identify patterns that are repeated in the reported listings and thus remove other infringing posts. During the reported period, 473,379 notices of alleged intellectual property rights (IPR) infringements were received, this affected 0.09% of listings. The e-commerce platform’s combined resources helped to reduce the number of notices received by IP owners by 16.87% compared to the previous reported period.
  • The ARCO Rights (access, rectification, cancellation and opposition) guarantee individuals’ control over their personal data. During this period, we received 108,041 ARCO Rights claims, 86% of which were carried out automatically thanks to the privacy hub that facilitates this exercise for users and provides them with a faster response.

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About Mercado Libre

Founded in 1999, Mercado Libre is the leading e-commerce technology company in Latin America. Through its platforms, Mercado Libre, Mercado Pago and Mercado Envío, it provides solutions so that individuals and companies may sell, buy, advertise, send and pay for goods and services over the internet.

Mercado Libre provides services to millions of users and creates an online market to negotiate a wide variety of goods and services in an easy, secure, and efficient manner. The site is among the 50 most visited sites in the world in terms of page views and is the mass consumer platform with the highest number of single visitors in the most important countries where it operates, according to metrics provided by comScore Networks. The company is listed on the NASDAQ (NASDAQ: MELI) since its IPO in 2007.



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