AIPPI 2015 preview: Carnival of IP in Rio


Felipe Claro and Luiz Henrique do Amaral

AIPPI 2015 preview: Carnival of IP in Rio


Ahead of the AIPPI World Congress in Brazil later this year, the organisation’s president Felipe Claro and chair of the organising committee Luiz Henrique do Amaral give a rundown of what to expect.

The 2015 International Association for the Protection of Intellectual Property (AIPPI) World Congress will take place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil from October 10 to 14. The venue—the Windsor Barra Convention Center—is in front of the beach in Rio and conveniently close to the hotels.

Brazil will be a great destination for the 2015 congress. The seventh largest economy in the world and second largest in the Western hemisphere, Brazil is the first for number of patent filings in Latin America and the largest exporter of trademark and patent work from the region.

Brazil is a ‘continent’ inside South America. Being as big as Europe and having a population of more than 200 million people, it is an innovative powerhouse and seriously cares about the environment, looking for sustainable development and promoting green technologies, some of which can be protected through intellectual property.

AIPPI is also concerned about the environment and how it interplays with IP. In this connection and as part of its many activities, AIPPI is presently preparing an application to seek observer status before the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change.

AIPPI helps to harmonise and improve IP systems in a consistent manner, respecting the valuable particularities of the different jurisdictions. Its consistent global approach towards modernisation makes AIPPI a global IP leader all over the world. It is present in different fora, always giving an objective and balanced opinion about the challenging IP issues that may arise.

Important changes will be proposed at the Rio congress to optimise the way AIPPI works and organises itself, so that the membership at large can benefit from these changes and participate more in its local, regional and international activities.

Our new executive director, John Bochnovic, will be present during the Rio congress and the attendees will have the opportunity to meet and greet him. The new director is ready to serve the national and regional groups in their respective activities.

The AIPPI Brazilian group, which operates as part of the Brazilian Intellectual Property Association (ABPI), is one of the most active groups within the association. Its business-oriented approach to IP adds a practical view to the global IP discussion, helping to reach useful conclusions.

The early bird registration for the Rio congress has been a great success and surpassed all expectations, with 1,200 participants already registered. Considering that the congress is still months away, the expectation is that there will be more than 1,500 participants in total.

"Our new executive director, John Bochnovic, will be present during the Rio congress and the attendees will have the opportunity to meet and greet him." 

The scientific programme includes the following hot topics, among others:

• Focus on fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) terms: injunctions and safe harbours, FRAND determination and the use of alternative dispute resolution.

• Plant variety protection and biotech patents.

• Green technologies.

• Dealing with bad faith trademark registrations and free riding.

• Pharmaceutical issues.

• Inventor remuneration and multinational inventions.

• Copyright exceptions and limitations.

• Trade secrets.

This congress will be a great occasion to meet your colleagues and expand your IP network.

The organising committee has prepared attractive social events, which will provide you with numerous networking opportunities.

We will hold the opening ceremony at the Windsor Barra Convention Center, followed by a reception and standing dinner in the exhibition hall.

The cultural evening will be on Monday, October 12 at the elegant Copacabana Palace. Participants will enjoy a samba show and carnival ball with typical food and drinks and a lot of music and fun.

The ABPI will organise the IP firms party at the Maracanã Stadium. One of the most famous football stadiums in the world will be visited and all participants will have drinks on the specially prepared football field.

The closing dinner will be held at the Brazilian Jockey Club, home to the most prestigious Brazilian turf. Before the gala banquet, all participants may watch and bet on an exclusive AIPPI horse race.

This is the right time to come to Rio and join the AIPPI World Congress. Be part of our future. 

Felipe Claro is president of AIPPI. He can be contacted at:

Luiz Henrique do Amaral is assistant secretary general at AIPPI. He can be contacted at:

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