Why refresh the Top 100 Global Innovators?


Ed White

Why refresh the Top 100 Global Innovators?

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After a decade of data gathering, Clarivate has changed the way it measures innovators. The company's Ed White explains why.

Since 2012, Clarivate has produced the annual Top 100 Global Innovator list. Using methodologies tied to the performance and impact of patented inventions, Top 100 Global Innovators identifies those organisations—research institutions and corporations—that are contributing more ideas and innovation than any others.

Produced using a large team across Clarivate—from our data and content teams to our analytics research functions and more—Top 100 Global Innovators spotlights the power of patent data to inform and celebrates science and engineering excellence.

For the first ten years of the programme we kept our calculation method consistent, but this year, we changed the mathematics. Instead of a top-down view of performance via ratios, we have moved to a bottom-up view of individual inventions right across Clarivate global invention data (The Derwent World Patents Index from Clarivate, which includes some 51 million patented ideas), compared in a technology, geography and time-normalised manner.

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