Why pronouns matter in the workplace


Ari Rollason

Why pronouns matter in the workplace

Nadia Snopek / Shutterstock.com

When embracing LGBTQ+ inclusivity, the use of correct pronouns is pivotal. However, navigating such inclusive language can feel difficult for some. IP Out member and HLK trainee patent attorney Ari Rollason offers some advice.

Being misgendered at work—even if unintentionally done—can make trans colleagues quickly feel unwelcome in the workplace.

Using non-gendered language as a default (for example, the singular ‘they’ rather than the phrase ‘he’ or ‘she’) can be a good way to avoid mistakes.

Other examples to avoid are greeting or referring to a group of colleagues in a gendered way, for example, saying ‘guys’ or ‘ladies’, and using descriptions ending in ‘man’ rather than a gender neutral alternative, for example, using ‘chairman’ instead of ‘chair’.

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