What next for the BRICS group?


Vladimir Biriulin

In December 2010, South Africa was formally asked to join the BRIC group. Vladimir Biriulin considers the future of BRIC+S and the emerging IP issues in member country Russia.

In the beginning, it was simply felt that the member countries had bigger growth rates than other industrialised countries. It was never planned that they would form a kind of economic union or a trade association.

But as time went on, it became clear that those countries were beginning to be characterised by more common interests. There are now signs that the BRIC countries are becoming aware that their growing economic power may be translated into political influence.

There have already been a number of meetings of the BRIC countries, the last one being in Beijing, China, where it was officially announced that the Republic of South Africa would join the club, making it the BRICS group.

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