Welcome to the Copyright Hub


Welcome to the Copyright Hub

The Copyright Hub, a UK government scheme that seeks to simplify the licensing of copyright online, kicked off in July 2013. TB&I spoke to the launch group’s chair, Richard Hooper, to find out how the project will help the creative industry.

In November 2011 UK business secretary Vince Cable commissioned an independent review of digital copyright licensing and licensing organisations.

He appointed Richard Hooper, the former deputy chairman of Ofcom, the UK’s independent regulatory body for the communications industries, to do the research. After eight months working closely with the UK’s music, publishing, audiovisual and images industries, Hooper, along with his colleague Ros Lynch, released the report Copyright works: streamlining copyright licensing for the digital age.

In the paper, Hooper and Lynch highlighted some of the aspects of the copyright licensing process that make it unfit for the digital age, such as the cost of licensing and the delay creators experience in receiving reimbursement for their works, and offered a series of solutions.

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