Trademark registration in Belize: an overview


Erienne Romero

There has been significant growth in trademark registrations in Belize since the former Trademarks Act was repealed in June 2000 and replaced with the Trademarks Act, Chapter 257 of the laws of Belize.

This statute has given trademark owners the right to register, protect and enforce their marks in Belize. According to Section 24(1) of the act, the owner of a registered trademark has exclusive rights to use the trademark and these rights are infringed by use of the trademark in Belize without the owner’s consent.

Section 25(4) of the act further clarifies the term ‘use’ by stating that a person uses a trademark if he affixes it to goods or packaging, offers or exposes goods for sale, puts them on the market or stocks them for those purposes under the sign, or offers or supplies services under the sign, imports or exports goods under the sign, or uses the sign on business papers or in advertising.

Registered trademarks enjoy 10 years of protection in Belize, with a subsequent renewal term of another 10 years if the mark is properly maintained by paying the prescribed fees and filing the required documentation.

Trademark registration, BELIPO