Trade in Mexico: meeting the standards


Jorge Gomez and Nathalie Canizales

Trade in Mexico: meeting the standards

Official standards—NOMs—are a response to the Mexican state’s obligation to guarantee the enjoyment of collective rights by consumers and businesses. Jorge Gomez and Nathalie Canizales explore the system and its limitations.

The modern global economy is ruled by international trade, which has considerably increased the value of imports and exports around the world.

Mexico is no exception to the rule, and many countries have attempted to enter, or have already entered, the Mexican market in recent years. 

When foreign companies decide to import a product or offer a service to Mexico, they are often seriously concerned about their IP assets. However, they also frequently ignore regulatory issues. Specifically, investors often tend to overlook the requirements imposed by the Mexican authorities through what are known as Official Mexican Standards (NOMs), even though it is important to abide by them as they ensure that the quality, information and safety requirements related to the delivery of products or services are met, and failure to comply with them can lead to substantial legal risks.

NOMs, customs regulation, IP protection