Top tips for appointing new associate firms


Christine Jennings

Top tips for appointing new associate firms

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Appointing a new foreign associate firm can be beneficial for both parties. But what factors should be taken into account before making any final decisions? Christine Jennings, founder of IP consultancy firm IP Preferential, gives us her top tips.

If, like me, you attended the International Trademark Association’s annual meeting in San Diego earlier this month, you were one of a record breaking 9,900 attendees, the majority of whom were there to build on existing relationships and attract new customers. 

The event, which was the 137th annual meeting, is all about visibility and networking.

Added to the incredible attendee list was a sharp increase in the number of parties and receptions held. The Global Legal Post reported that the number of parties hosted by law firms increased by 64% compared to 2014 and was also higher than the number held in 2013.

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