Teaching robots copyright


Emma Barraclough

Teaching robots copyright

Vaida Andrei / Shutterstock.com

CREATe researchers at the University of Edinburgh are considering how artificial intelligence and copyright law may co-exist in the future, and the landscape throws up several challenges, says Emma Barraclough, an industry fellow at CREATe.

Could your secretary’s job be done by a robot? Your trainee’s? Yours? With rapid advances in technology, few would bet against the development of machines able to carry out tasks that are now the preserve of smart people in white collar professions.

But how will this trend affect copyright? Work by a group of academics at the University of Edinburgh is considering how the law should deal with robots that become co-creators. It is a complex issue that raises a series of legal, ethical and technological challenges.

The team, led by CREATe researcher Burkhard Schafer, has published a paper titled “A fourth law of robotics? Copyright and the law and ethics of machine co-production” in the journal Artificial Intelligence and Law.  

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