Streaming ahead in the music industry


As the way we listen to music undergoes a paradigm shift, TBO examines the viability of streaming services and the impact on copyright owners.

The way we consume music is changing. According to UK music weekly NME, online music streaming behaviour doubled in 2013, while CD sales continue to fall. Billboard has reported that even digital downloads are on the decline as support grows for streaming services that promise any music, anywhere, at any time.

According to music streaming service Spotify, the global value of the recorded music industry has been falling steadily, from more than $25 billion in 1997 to less than $20 billion in 2013, as music consumers opt for formats that simply aren’t generating significant revenues for artists.

Streaming services including Spotify and personalised radio service Pandora have been criticised by some musicians for the amounts they pay artists and songwriters. Artists will receive royalties of between $0.00600 and $0.00840 per stream from Spotify, while Pandora pays $0.00137. For comparison, an artist will earn about about about £1.25 per £8 ($2 per $13) in the UK CD album sold.

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