Sisvel interview: The benefits of a dip in the pool


Sisvel interview: The benefits of a dip in the pool

European patent pool administrator Sisvel is trying hard to reduce the transaction costs for companies engaged in licensing, despite the numerous complexities and challenges in the market today, as the company’s CEO Mattia Fogliacco tells WIPR.

When patent licence administrator Sisvel was set up in 1982, patent pools in consumer electronics didn’t exist, says chief executive officer Mattia Fogliacco.

That changed around 20 years ago when Sisvel began focusing on the business model of pools, which it has been working on ever since. Often associated with complex technologies, patent pools are an agreement between two or more patent owners to license patents to each other or third parties, allowing for efficient transactions.

“We’ve been trying to change and evolve the framework on which we work on patent pools for the purpose of making it fit for new challenges and the new landscape in the markets for technology,” Fogliacco says, adding that the ones seen today are very different from the consumer electronics pools of 20 years ago.

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