Recent developments in technology law


Dirceu Pereira de Santa Rosa

Brazil is a great place for technology companies to do business.

Recent studies acknowledge that not only is Brazil the largest smartphone market in Latin America, but also that more than 100 million Brazilians are regular internet users. Within those numbers, 61% have bought something online, which has led to steady growth of around 20% a year for Brazil’s e-commerce market since 2012, according to Forbes magazine.

Brazilians are also passionate social network users, normally within the top five users of almost any social media platform available, and an interesting target for several internet service providers (ISPs).

Such factors have been shaping a unique digital culture and environment in Brazil, economically active and able to provide opportunities for any new entrants. Brazil is slowly developing a vibrant technology start-up scene, with a mix of government-based incentives and investment from venture capital firms.

ISPs; technology law; Marco Civil