Making tracks: Caterpillar on counterfeiting


The automotive industry is a lucrative target for counterfeiters, but the consequences of such activity can be deadly. WIPR talks to Dennis Skarvan, chief counsel at Caterpillar Inc.

What are the major threats to automotive manufacturers and their parts suppliers from counterfeiting?

Trademark enforcement is an issue that deeply affects trademark rights owners' interests. Dedicated campaigns and day-to-day enforcement are typically not effective in preventing trademark infringement because repeat offenders through their experiences, become increasingly sophisticated in escaping enforcement raids by administrative, legal and enforcement agency officials.

Besides enforcement, many trademark registration regimes are also still in need of further development. Governments are going to great lengths to construct trademark filing and protection mechanisms, strengthen measures for enforcement, and establish necessary procedures for legal relief available to resolve trademark disputes. The number of trademark filings continues to grow at an accelerated rate around the world.

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