LGBTQ History Month: ‘Discrimination still exists’


Michael Hawkins

LGBTQ History Month: ‘Discrimination still exists’

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As February marks LGBTQ History Month in the UK and parts of Europe, firms and companies must champion an inclusive environment, says Michael Hawkins of Noerr

Research continues to show that LGBTQ lawyers and other diverse members of the legal profession still suffer discrimination in huge numbers. 

This discrimination borders on extreme for various sections of the LGBTQ community, and leads to many talented people either not joining the profession or not progressing as they otherwise should. 

The legal profession has come a long way in welcoming people from diverse communities, including the LGBTQ2 communitiesI personally have never felt that my career has been hindered by my sexuality— but there is more to be done as long as discrimination still exists and as long as the profession does not reflect society as a whole. 

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