Is China the AI leader? Not yet


Huaizhou Shi and Caroline Pallard

Is China the AI leader? Not yet

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Analysis of AI patent families reveals which countries, companies and industries are the real leaders in AI innovation, Huaizhou Shi and Caroline Pallard of NLO explain.

Artificial intelligence (AI) is fundamentally changing our way of living and it is forming an exciting future for human beings. China is widely believed that it is already or at least will be the leader soon in this new technology revolution, and the Chinese government is not shy in promoting AI developments in China.

Some hints can be found from the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020 Summit held in Shanghai in July, which showed many aspects of the AI force in China.

However, is it true that China is the world leader? In this article, we look at this question from the patent perspective. Using the patent database/analysing tool Orbit, we have searched with the key words “neural networks OR deep learning” in the title, abstract or claims of live patent families to make sure that they are closely related to AI technologies.

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